Schechtman to speak in Oslo

Marya Schechtman will be presenting “Who Do You Think You Are?: Metrarepresentation and Self-Constitution” at the workshop on the reflective mind in Oslo on Sept.6.

Betz co-authored paper in volume on Big Lebowski

‘The Big Lebowski and Philosophy’ volume which includes David Svolba’s and Adam Betz’s essay on just war came out earlier this Summer.  The Amazon reviews so far have been good, and thorough.

Hylton to speak in Cambridge

Peter Hylton will  present a paper to a conference  titled “The Legacy of Idealism” in Cambridge (England) in the first week of September. His paper is called “Idealism and Analytic Philosophy”.

Laden's book reviewed

Reasoning (the book) by Antony Laden was featured in the latest issue of the journal The Montreal Review

Sutherland speaks in Brazil

Daniel Sutherland recently gave a talkin Brazil at the Universidade de Brasilia.  It was for an interdisciplinary audience, which helps explain the title: “Mathematical Cognition: An Interdisciplinary Overview.”

Vistarini offered post-doc at Rutgers

Tiziana Vistarini has been offered  a post-doc at Rutgers University, as part of their Philosophy of Cosmology project.

Laden's book featured on Podcast

Tony Laden’s new book Reasoning: A Social Picture was featured on the “New Books in Philosophy” podcast:

Paper by Klein appears

Colin Klein’s paper  “Two Paradigms for Individuating Implementation,” just came out in the Journal of Cognitive Science. It’s part of a special issue devoted to a classic paper by David Chalmers on computation.

Placement Update: Our Students Get Jobs!

This years’ group of students on the market did well! Thanks also to Nick Huggett for his tireless work as Placement Coordinator. Maria Balcells – Visiting Assistant Professor at Bucknell University. Robert Farley…