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Colloquium Series

Sitting speaker gesticulates with hands to sitting audience

Each academic year, the department hosts the Colloquium Series where visitors are invited to share recent work with department members and the UIC community. The speakers are selected by a committee of faculty and graduate students. Below you will find the list of speakers for this series from 2014 to the present.


 November 6, Claire Kirwin, (Northwestern)

November 20, Pascal Brixel, (Northwestern)

April 1, Richard Kim, (Loyola)

April 15, Alan Nelson, (UNC-Chapel Hill)


October 4, Yuriko Saito (RISD)
October 18, Emily Fletcher  (UW Madison)
November 8, Jessica Gordon Roth (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
March 7, 4-6PM José Medina (Northwestern) [format TBD]
April 4, 4-6PM Tamar Schapiro (MIT) [format TBD]


October 12, Farid Masrour (UW Madison)
October 26, Megan Hyska (Northwestern)
February 8, Gabriel Lear (UChicago)
February 22, Sara Bernstein (Notre Dame)
March 8, Robin Jeshion (USC)
March 15, Dominic Lopes (University of British Columbia)
April 5, John Campbell (UC Berkeley)


October 7, Sukaina Hirji (University of Pennsylvania)
November 4, Katharina Kraus (Notre Dame)
November 18, Matt Boyle (UChicago)
January 13, Van Tu (Bowdoin College and University of Michigan)
January 15, Justin Vlasits (Tübingen)
January 23, Allison Piñeros Glasscock (Toronto)
January 27, Jonathan Fine (Yale)
March 16, José Medina (Northwestern)
April 6, Yuriko Saito (RISD)


September 24, Bernhard Nickel (Harvard)
October 11, E.J. Green (MIT) (Neuroscience Colloquium)
November 5, Anton Ford (UChicago)
March 11, Huaping Lu-Adler (Georgetown)
April 29, Sarah Buss (Michigan)


September  18, Jonathan Lear (UChicago)
October 2, Margaret Urban Walker (Marquette)
November 6, Patricia Blanchette (Notre Dame)
January 22, Sarah Paul (UW Madison)
February 5, Dan Hausman (UW Madison)
March 5, John McDowell (Pittsburgh)


August 29, Paul Franks (Yale)
September 29, Muhammad Ali Khalidi (York)
October 17, Meena Krishnamurthy (Michigan)
November 14, Fabrizio Cariani (Northwestern)
January 30, Sasha Newton (UIUC)
April 24, Peter Railton (Michigan)


September 21, Christopher Shields (Notre Dame)
November 2, Matthew Hanser (UC Santa Barbara)
November 20, Rahel Jaeggi (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
April 11, Karen Bennett (Cornell)
April 18, Andrea Westlund (UW Milwaukee)


October 6, Kate Abramson (Indiana)
November 10, Talia Bettcher (Cal State LA)
March 30, Craig Callendar (UC San Diego)
April 13, Alex Byrne (MIT)