Job Placement Record

The UIC Philosophy Department offers a full academic placement service, coordinated by our Placement Director, for its Ph.D. graduates. We make every effort to find academic employment for our Ph.D. graduates who seek academic positions. To this end, we provide close guidance in the development of a dossier, assist students in locating promising academic job openings, and conduct practice job interviews.

As the American Philosophical Association explains, the job market for philosophers is tight. (Prospective students should read the American Philosophical Association's Data on the Profession.) We strongly encourage prospective graduate students to seek recent placement information from any graduate program to which they are considering applying.

The following list lists the hirings of those students using our placement services each year (plus some ad hoc additional data) – it doesn’t attempt to keep track of promotions or subsequent changes of position. People in short term positions are listed each year that they remain in that position. (Please inform us of any omissions or corrections.) 


Janella Baxter – Two-year postdoc at the University of Minnesota/Twin Cities with the research program “From Biological Practice to Scientific Metaphysics,” funded by the Templeton Foundation.  

Adam Betz – One-year research fellowship at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.  

Joseph Gottlieb – Three-year appointment at Texas Tech as Visiting Assistant Professor. 

Jessica Gordon-Roth – Tenure track position at U Minnesota/Twin Cities, beginning fall 2016. Declined a TT offer from Santa Clara University.

Saniye Vatansever – Visiting instructor (for summer term), Department of Philosophy, Bogazici University and adjunct instructor, Department of Philosophy, Yeditepe University (Istanbul)


Maria Barcells – visting assistant professor at Bucknell University

Robert Farley – tenure-track assistant professor at Hillsborough College

Josh Norton 
– assistant professor at American University of Beirut

Burkay Ozturk – two-year lecturer at Texas State University, San Marcos

Kent Schmor – visiting lecturer at the University of British Colombia

Saniye Vatansever
– visiting instructor at Bilkent University

Tiziana Vistarini 
– three-year lecturer at the University Colorado, Boulder


Maria Barcells – full-time Instructor at Misericordia University.

Cameron Brewer – tenure-track Assistant Professor at Central Connecticut State University

Robert Farley – full-time Instructor at Northern Illinois University

Burkay Ozturk – two-year Lecturer at Texas State University, San Marcos.

Kent Schmor – one-year Lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh.

Tiziana Vistarini – postdoc at Rutgers University.

Aleks Zarnitsyn – postdoc in Teaching and Mentorship in the UIC Honors College.




Robert Farley – full-time Instructor at Northern Illinois University.

Robert Fischer – tenure-track Assistant Professorship at Texas State University San Marcos.

Tina Gibson – Adjunct at Montgomery County Community College.

Jessica Gordon-Roth – tenure-track Assistant Professor at Lehman College of CUNY.

Burkay Ozturk – Humanities Institute Dissertation Fellowship at UIC.

Kent Schmor – full-time Visiting Lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh.

Tiziana Vistarini – Postdoc at Rutgers University.

Aleks Zarnitsyn – Postdoc in Teaching and Mentorship at the Honors College, UIC.



Maria Balcells – Visiting Assistant Professor at Bucknell University.

Robert Farley – full-time Instructor at Northern Illinois University.

Robert Fischer – Senior Lecturer at Texas State University - San Marcos.

Tina Gibson – Adjunct at Montgomery County Community College.

Jessica Gordon-Roth – Visiting Assistant Professor at Washington and Lee University.

Kent Schmor – full-time Visiting Lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh.

Aleks Zarnitsyn – Humanities Institute Dissertation Fellowship at UIC.



Maria Balcells – Visiting Assistant Professor at Bucknell University.

Cameron Brewer –  full-time at University of Minnesota, Rochester.

Robert Farley – full-time Instructor at Northern Illinois University.

Robert Fischer – Senior Lecturer at Texas State University - San Marcos.

Jessica Gordon-Roth – full-time Visiting Instructor at Northeastern Illinois University.

Sean Morris – tenure track Assistant Professor at Metropolitan State College-Denver (deferred to 2012).

Kent Schmor – Lecturer at Kwantlen University.



Maria Balcells – Visiting Assistant Professor at Bucknell University.

Chad Brockman - Adjunct Assistant Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.

Itir Gunes – tenure track Assistant Professor at Salisbury University.

Melissa Kozma – Senior Lecturer at University of Wisconsin, Barron County.

Seishu Nishimura – Associate Professor at Shiga University, Japan.

Kent Schmor – Visiting Lecturer at Simon Fraser University.



Andy Blom – tenure track Assistant Professor at Central Michigan University.

Itir Gunes – Visiting Assistant Professor at Bloomsburg University.

Rogerio Severo – tenure track at Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil.


Prior to 2009 the data is compiled by dissertation title rather than name – the dissertation author can easily be found by searching the title in the UIC library catalogue.


Wittgenstein on Grammar and Method (from 1929 to the Philosophical Investigations)

The Federal University of Minas Gerais



The Logical Interpretation and the Measurement Problem

Arizona State University, Faculty Associate



Theories and Reality: Five Essays on Quine and Underdetermination

Federal University of Santa Maria, tenure track

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), collaborating professor and post-doc fellow


Wittgenstein and Myths of Meaning

California University of Pennsylvania, tenure track


A Dialogical Account of Authenticity

Oakton Community College, tenure track


Progress and Preservation: Increased Unification and The Realist's Conception of Scientific Success

East Tennessee State University, tenure track



The Practice of Personhood: Understanding Individual Responsibility of Oppression

Arkansas State University, tenure track


Foundations of Arithmetical Knowledge

Visiting Professor, Boston University

University of Illinois at Chicago, one year


Choosing To Be Harmed: Autonomy and its Limits in Living Organ Donor Transplantation

Weill Medical College of Cornell Medical School, Assistant Dean of Research and Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health, Division of Bioethics

University of Chicago, Director of the Ethics, Education, Policy and Compliance, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Human Subjects Research

Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Chicago, MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics



Federation of Peoples: An Unorthodox Liberal Approach to Minority Nationalism

University of Wisconsin, Barron County, tenure track

Wilfrid Laurier Univiersity (Canada), two years


New Directions in Scientific Observation: Theories Concepts, Objectivity, and the Analogy of Discovery

Rowan University, Associate Professor


A Conceptual Analysis of Ecosystem Health

Northeastern Illinois University, tenure track


Work Song! Autonomy & Authenticity From The Ground Up

College of DuPage, tenure track

University of Texas, Pan-American, tenure track


Equal Protection: Sex Equality In Liberal Democracies

University of San Diego, tenure track

Eastern Michigan University, tenure track



The Phenomenal Character of Visual Consciousness

Arkansas State University, tenure track

Northwestern University, one year



The Liar Paradox Self Understanding and Nietzschean Perspectivalism

Law school



Continuity, Inquiry, and the Possibility of Wisdom in John Dewey's Pragmatism

St. Olaf College, one year



On the Point of What We Say: Kant, Wittgenstein, and Cavell on When Words Are Called For

Tufts University, tenure track

University of Chicago, Harper Schmidt Fellowship, three years


On Lengths of Lines and Reals

Brooklyn College, tenure track;

Northwestern University, two years

University of Illinois at Chicago, one year


Motivating the Discursive Turn in Moral Theory

Jade Designs (Website Design)



Language, Theory, and the Human Subject: Understanding Quine's Natural Epistemology

Washington and Lee University, tenure track

Washington and Lee University, two years

Colgate University, two years


Tractarian Mysticism: Moral Transformation through Aesthetic Contemplation in Wittgenstein's Early Philosophy

Chicago State University, one year

Ohio University, one year



On Testing for the Stage Collapse in Quantum Mechanics

Bowling Green State University, one year

Colgate University, one year

Cornell University, two year


The Variety of Reasons: Justification and Requirement in Rationality and Advisability

Florida State University, tenure track

University of Missouri, St. Louis, one year

Johns Hopkins, one year


Local Time: Foundational Studies for a Theory of Temporality in a Relativistic Universe

Loyola University, one year

St. Joseph's College of Maine, tenure track


A Wittgensteinian Study of Experimental Psychology

Western Carolina University, tenure track


Moral Problems in the Provision of Environmental Goods

SPSS, Inc. (Consultant)



The Dialectical Theory of Progress: A Study of Jürgen Habermas' Theory of Social Evolution

University of Louisville, tenure track

Hamline University, four years

University of Kentucky, one year


St Thomas, Molina, and Leibniz on Divine Providence and Foreknowledge

University of Virginia, one semester

Central European University, Budapest, one semester

Wake Forest University, three years

University of Colorado, Boulder, one year



The Best Test Theory of Extension

University of Colorado at Boulder, tenure track

Texas Tech University, tenure track

University of Washington, Visiting Scholar

Tacoma, Green River, and Highline Community Colleges


The Design Inference: Eliminating Chance Through Small Probabilities

Discovery Institute Senior Fellow, Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture


Inequality, Vulnerability, and Morality

William Rainey Harper College, tenure track

Lake Forest College



Autonomy and Desire: An Essay in Moral and Philosophical Psychology

Central Michigan University, tenure track

Florida International University, tenure track


A Deflationary Response to the Ontological Problem: In Defense of the Coherence Theory of Justification

California State University, tenure track (now tenured)


Justice and Health: The Cultural Politics of Medicine

George Washington University, Writing Program, three years

University of Maryland, one year

George Washington University, four years


Material Girls: A Game-Theoretic Revision of the Social Contract Enterprise with Women Present

Chicago-Kent School of Law



Three Essays on Spinoza's Philosophy

Utah State University, tenure track (now tenured)


Unity and Uniqueness in the Early Schlick

Olive Harvey College, Humanities Department Chairperson

City Colleges of Chicago, tenure track (now tenured)



Measurement and Macroscopic Quantities

University of Utah, Associate Professor with tenure

State University of New York, Buffalo, tenure track


Thresholds for Rights

University of Western Ontario, tenure track (now tenured)