Graduate Students

 Cherry, Myisha
B.A. in Philosophy from Morgan State; MDIV in Theology from Howard University.

Philosophical Interests: ethics (specifically, moral psychology) and social/political philosophy.
mcherr4 at uic dot edu

Cho, Kyoung Min
B.A. Korea University; M.A. University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Philosophical Interest: Kant; Ethics; Philosophy of Action
kcho17 at uic dot edu
Christensen, Seth
B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Colorado at Denver; M.A. in Philosophy from Duquesne University.

Philosophical Interests: ancient philosophy (especially Plato and Aristotle) and social/political philosophy.
schris29 at uic dot edu
Crews-Anderson, Tim
B.A. in Russian Language from Florida State University (1995); M.A. in Philosophy from Georgia State University (2006).

Philosophical Interests: Kant (especially the practical side), ethics, political philosophy and the history of philosophy (especially the Modern Period)
tcrews3 at uic dot edu
Curry, Nick
BA in Philosophy and Theatre from Millikin University; MA in Eastern Classics from St. John's College; MA in Philosophy from University of Missouri-St. Louis; MA in Interdisciplinary Humanities from University of Louisville

Philosophical Interests: philosophy of art, philosophy of emotion, ethics, the ordinary
ncurry4 at uic dot edu

D'Alessandro, William
B.A., philosophy, Canisius College (Buffalo).

Philosophical Interests: Philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science, M&E, philosophy of fiction.
wdales2 at uic dot edu
English, Robert
B.A., Philosophy and Religion, Appalachian State University (Boone, NC) (2006); M.A. Humanities/Philosophy concentration, University of Chicago (2009); M.A. Philosophy, University of Mississippi (2011).

Philosophical Interests: Kant's moral and political philosophy (especially the relationship between humanity and the right to external freedom in Kant), moral and political philosophy and the history thereof, philosophy of action
rengli2 at uic dot edu
García Mills, Nicolás
B.A. and M.A., Philosophy, Universitat de Barcelona (Spain).

Main interests: Kant, post-Kantian German philosophy (especially Hegel), ethics. Secondary interests: Aristotle, philosophy of action, social and political philosophy.
ngarci31 at uic dot edu
Haar, Deborah
BA Chinese and Religion Middlebury College
MSEd Special Education City College of New York
MA Philosophy Université de Montréal

Philosophical interests: philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, metaphysics, probabilities
dhaar2 at uic dot edu
Hanck, Tyler
BA Macalaster College, 2013

Philosophical interests: early modern philosophy; Locke's metaphysics--especially his conception and criticism of substance
thanck2 at uic dot edu
Hadisi, Reza
BSc Computer Engineering, USM (2007); BA Philosophy, University of Sheffield (2010); MA Philosophy, Concordia University Montreal (2012).

Primary interests: Kant, Epistemology and Ethics. Secondary interests: Early Modern, Post-Kantian German philosophy.
mkarim7 at uic dot edu
Harmon, Zac
M.A., Philosophy, University of Arkansas (2011).

Zac's primary area of interest lies in the history of value theory; more specifically, in the intersection of aesthetics and moral philosophy in the 18th century Scottish thought. Some of his other interests include political philosophy and 19th century German philosophy.
zharmo2 at uic dot edu
Hotoda, Kei
B.A., Philosophy, University of Chicago (2006).

Philosophical Interests: Aesthetics, political philosophy, ethics.
khotod2 at uic dot edu
Hernandez, Atanacio (Tony)
Philosophical Interests: political philosophy; libertarianism; Austrian economics; history of classical liberal thought, Mises, Rothbard; epistemology; history of philosophy. Jazz guitar. ahern35 at uic dot edu
Hurwitz, Michael
B.A.s in philosophy and economics, University of Pittsburgh (2010).

He is currently writing his dissertation on testimony and interpersonal trust.
mhurwi2 at uic dot edu
Kidd, Brandon
MA Northern Illinois University. kiddb2 at uic dot edu
Kim, Jun Young
B.A.s in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Seoul National University (2013); M.A. in Philosophy from Seoul National University (2015).

Philosophical Interests: Metaphysics, Leibniz, History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind.
jkim712 at uic dot edu
Lacy, Emily
BFA Painting, BA Philosophy University of Houston (2010), MA Philosophy University of Southampton (2011).

Philosophical interests: Aesthetics, Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Logic.
lacye1 at uic dot edu
Liang, Chen
BA in Law & MA in Philosophy from Renmin University of China.

Philosophical Interests: Metaphysics & Epistemology, Kant, Wilfrid Sellars.
cliang26 at uic dot edu
MacTaggart, Eric
B.M. in Music Performance/Education at The University of Iowa; M.A. in Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics at University of Kent.

Philosophical Interests: philosophy of art, everyday aesthetics, and beauty.
emacta2 at uic dot edu
Mejia, Maria

mmejia20 at uic dot edu
Morvarid, Hashem
hmorva2 at uic dot edu
Moscarítolo, Alessandro
B. A. and M.A. (Honors), Philosophy, UCV.

Philosophical Interests: History of Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Latin American Philosophy.
amosca3 at uic dot edu
Parvizian, Saja
M.A. Philosophy, San Francisco State University.

Philosophical Interests: Early Modern Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind
sparvi2 at uic dot edu

Pelayo, Areins
B.A. in Philosophy with a minor in Linguistics from the University of South Florida

I'm currently interested in early modern philosophy, history and philosophy of science, and metaphysics
apelay4 at uic dot edu
Pesci, Francesco
B.A. and M.A., Philosophy, Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)

Main interests: Metaethics, Ethics, Philosophy of Language
Secondary interests: History of Early Analytic Philosophy, Wittgensteinian Ethics (Cavell, McDowell, Diamond)
pesci1 at uic dot edu
Piel, Hyacinth

ipiel2 at uic dot edu
Price, Jessica
BA University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. jlaplan2 at uic dot edu
Schaffer, David
B.A.s, Philosophy and Religion at Berea College (2002), Ohio University (2005).

Philosophical Interests: Philosophy of Action and Practical Reasoning, Philosophy of Mind, Evolutionary Psychology and Dual Process Psychology, Metaethics, Religion.
dschaf2 at uic dot edu
Shoaibi, Nader
B.A. University of California, Berkeley. nshoai2 at uic dot edu

Szustak, Bailey
bszust2 at uic dot edu
Williams, Codey
B.A., Philosophy, Boise State University

Primary interests: post-Kantian German idealism (esp. Hegel), metaphysics.
Secondary interests: epistemology (esp. skepticism), modern philosophy (esp. Spinoza), philosophy of mind, logic.
cwill32 at uic dot edut 

Visiting Graduate Students


John Dougherty (UC San Diego)
Philosophical Interests: Philosophy of Physics and Philosophy of Math jedoughe at ucsd dot edu