David Hilbert

Professor and Director of Placement

David Hilbert is a Professor of Philosophy. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University and has previously taught at Yale and Caltech. His areas of interest include philosophy of mind, philosophy of perception, color, and philosophy of biology. He also is interested in historical issues, particularly theories of perception in the medieval and early modern period. His publications include Color and Color Perception (CSLI, 1987), and "Color realism and color science" (Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 2003), "Color constancy and the complexity of color (Philosophical Topics, 2005) and an article on Berkeley and beer titled, "Drink on, the jolly prelate cries" (Philosophy and Beer, 2007). He has edited an edition of Berkeley's Three Dialogues (Arete Press, 1994)(with John Perry) and a two volume anthology on color and color vision, Readings on Color (MIT Press, 1997)(with Alex Byrne).

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Office: 1422 UH, MC 267
Phone: 312-996-5490
Fax: 312-413-2093
Email: hilbert@uic.edu