David Hilbert

Professor and Chair and CoDirector of Placement

David Hilbert is a Professor of Philosophy, and Chair since August 2018. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University and has previously taught at Yale and Caltech. His areas of interest include color, philosophy of perception, philosophy of mind, and history of philosophy and science. He has published on a broad range of issues concerning color starting with his 1987 book Color and Color Perception (CSLI). He is currently working on issues involved in understanding perceptual constancies and the content of visual perception. His historical interests are focused on Berkeley, especially his practical philosophy. Current projects include work on the content of visual experience, the correct understanding of perceptual constancies, and a book on Berkeley in addition to a paper on Berkeley’s theory of money. Some recent publications are:

“Color Relationalism and Relativism;” with Alex Byrne Topics in Cognitive Science, 9(1), 172-192, 2017.

“Vision”, in Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Perception, ed. Mohan Matthen, 2015.

“Constancy, content, and inference”, in Visual Experience, eds. Gary Hatfield and Sarah Allred, Oxford University Press, 199-211, 2012.

“Are colors secondary qualities?” with Alex Byrne, in Primary and Secondary Qualities: the Historical and Ongoing Debate, ed. Larry Nolan, Oxford University Press, 339-361, 2011.

“Urban light and color,” with Alex Byrne, New Geographies, 3: 64-71, 2011.

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