• Welcome to UIC Philosophy

    The Philosophy Department at UIC is among the best in the country—many of its members have strong national and international reputations. Our classes are typically reasonably small, allowing students greater direct contact with teachers than is usual for a large university. The Department (comprising faculty, graduate students, and staff) has established a reputation for being personally diverse, approachable, and friendly.

  • Why study philosophy?

    Philosophers think deeply about questions that occur to everyone from time to time. By examining various arguments that attempt to answer difficult but important questions, philosophers develop the powerful and prized skills and qualities of reasoning, critical thinking, and ability to appreciate different perspectives. Further details.

  • Graduate Admissions Suspended for 2020-2021

    We are sorry to announce that we are not accepting applications to the UIC PhD program in philosophy for the 20-21 admissions cycle. This is a one year pause to allow us to devote our resources to supporting current students in the program during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although there will be no incoming class in Fall 2021, we will resume admissions next year for students to start in Fall 2022 and we encourage you to consider applying next year. If you have any questions please contact Daniel Sutherland (sutherla@uic.edu).