Photo of Moscarítolo Palacio, Alessandro Ramón

Alessandro Ramón Moscarítolo Palacio

Graduate Student



BA and MA (Honors), Philosophy, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas
MA, University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Currently in Progress

Primary Interests: History of Analytic Philosophy, Latin American Philosophy, Philosophy of Language

Secondary Interests: Indigenous Philosophy of the Americas, LGBTQ Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Biomedical Ethics, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, Logic

Dissertation Title: " J. L. Austin’s Philosophy: A Historically Situated Picture."
Dissertation Topic: My dissertation traces the origins of Austin's method and doctrine back to its real source, John Cook Wilson's original (but forgotten) revolt against British idealism. I draw on these historical facts to argue that Austin's methods and views have been systematically misunderstood. Finally, I apply some of Austin’s insights to sketch a phenomenology of racist, homophobic, and classist slurs and dog-whistles targeting Latinx populations and relevant populations in Latin America.

Advisor: Peter Hylton