Photo of Moscaritolo, Alessandro

Alessandro Moscaritolo

Graduate Student



BA and MA (Honors), Philosophy, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas
MA, University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Currently in Progress

Philosophical Interests: History of Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Language

Secondary Interests: Logic, Ethics, Aesthetics, Latin American Philosophy, LGBT studies

Dissertation Title: "What Do Our Words Really Mean? A Historically Situated Reading of J.L. Austin's Philosophy"

Dissertation Topic: My dissertation traces the origins of Austin's method and doctrine back to its real source, John Cook Wilson's original (but forgotten) revolt against British idealism. On this basis, I argue that Austin's methods and "positive" doctrine have been systematically misunderstood, and undervalued as a result. I then bring Austinian insights to bear on two contemporary issues: slurs, and the epistemic status of testimony.

Advisor: Peter Hylton