Research and Travel support

UIC offers various sources of funding for travel (and other research purposes), and the department has been successful in obtaining them – in principle, every student who earns their PhD in our department should be able to obtain funding from one of these sources at least once in their time at UIC. In addition to easing the financial burden of being a student, applying for awards is good practice, and successful applications enhance your CV. Students should take the initiative in applying, but the DGS will help in any way he/she can.

Several of the awards have application cycles, with deadlines. Since they also require the department to file paperwork, they have earlier departmental deadlines listed here – materials need to be in to the DGS and graduate secretary by these times if they are to be filed in time. Moreover, please inform the DGS of your intention to apply as early as possible.

Here are the main sources, though a search may turn up others.

  • LAS-Philosophy Department Travel Awards will subsidize travel to present or comment at meetings. We have two deadlines each year, November 15th and April 1st, each year: submit your request at the first date after you are accepted to the meeting. Requests must show that other grants (such as those on this page) were applied for (requests for matching funds for such applications should be made as needed). Students can count on receiving at least $100 for eligible trips. Eligibility and instructions are found here. (Ignore the LAS instructions.)
  • The Graduate Student Presenter Awards are intended to help graduate students defray costs associated with presenting research at scholarly meetings or conferences, (e.g., registration and/or travel expenses). 
  • Graduate Student Council Awards are issued by the governing graduate student body consisting of representatives from all degree-granting programs in the Graduate College.
  • The Award for Graduate Research is open to all graduate students currently enrolled at UIC, and can provide $1000-3000 for an important activity related to your research (often international travel), especially for students who have completed their topical. Applicants should inform the DGS of their intention to apply by September 15th 2018 for the fall cycle, and February 14th 2019 for the spring cycle. All materials (including advisor letter) are due to the department by October 15th and April 15th, respectively.

  • Provost’s Graduate Research Award provides $5000 to support early work on the dissertation, leading to later applications for external grants. It is encouraged for all students, once they embark on the dissertation (once a prospectus is in hand, say). It is a good opportunity to start to earn the craft of grant writing, so the department runs a workshop to assist candidates. Applicants should inform the DGS of their intention to apply by September 1st 2018, and all materials (including two letters) are due to the department by October 8th.

  • More opportunities can be found on the Graduate College website, especially on this page.