Dissertations completed, with graduation date

All dissertations are available at UIC Indigo.


The Nature and Appropriateness of Forgiveness Requests, Myisha Cherry (Summer 2018)

Kant's Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Epistemic Normativity, Reza Hadisi (Summer 2018)

On the Systematicity of Descartes' Ethics: Generosity, Metaphysics, and Scientia
, Saja Parvizian (Summer 2018)


The Scope of Biology, Janella Baxter (Spring 2017)

Dimensions of Mathematical Explanation, Bill D'Alessandro (Fall 2017)


The Ethics of War and Friendship: The Moral Significance of Fellowship of Arms, Adam Betz (Summer 2016)  

'Consciousness,' Consciousness, and Self-Consciousness,  by Joseph Gottlieb (Summer 2016)  

Fictional Realism, by Radu Motoarca (Fall 2016)


Common Sense Rationalism by Robert Farley (Spring 2015)

Kant's Response to Hume in the Second Analogy by Saniye Vatansever (Summer 2015)

Paradox Lost and Paradox Regained: The Banach-Tarski Paradox and Ancient Paradoxes of Infinity by Ken Martin (Summer 2015)

Quantum Ontology  by Josh Norton (Summer 2015)


The Pessimistic Induction and the Epistemic Status of Scientific Theories by Burkay Ozturk (Summer 2014)


For The Time Being: Our Experience of Time in the Block Universe by Marie Balcells (Spring 2013)

Kant, Hume, and the Notion of Material Substance by Cameron Brewer (Spring 2013)

Emergent Spacetime in String Theory by Tiziana Vistarini (Spring 2013)

Thought Experiments in Personal Identity: A Literary Model by Alek Zarnitsyn (Spring 2013)


Russell’s Multiple Relation Theory of Judgment: Evolution and Demise by Alexander Dolnick (Spring 2012)

Civic Friendship, Justice, and Political Stability by Cullen Padgett Walsh (Spring 2012)

Locke on Substance, Mode, and Personal Identity by Jessica Gordon-Roth (Fall 2012)

Investigating the Universe: Quine, New Foundations, and the Philosophy of Set Theory by Sean Morris (Summer 2012)


Modal Knowledge, in Theory by Robert Fischer (Fall 2011)

Theories of Experiential Awareness by David Potts (Spring 2011)

The Aristotelian Notions of Theoria and Praxis in Heidegger's Early Thought and Its Reverberations in Gadamer and Arendt by Itir Gunes (Spring 2011)


A Theory of Perceptual Entitlement by Seishu Nishimura (Fall 2010)

Carnap's Ideal of Philosophical Neutrality: Epistemology Between Kant and Quine by Kent Schmor (Fall 2010)

Personal Autonomy, Oppression, and the Just Society: An Externalist Account by Melissa Kozma (Fall 2010)


Justice with Humanity: Hugo Grotius and the Ethics of International Conflict

Persons and Cultures

A New Cognitive Theory of the Emotions


Wittgenstein on Grammar and Method (from 1929 to the Philosophical Investigations)


The Logical Interpretation and the Measurement Problem


Theories and Reality: Five Essays on Quine and Underdetermination

Wittgenstein and Myths of Meaning

A Dialogical Account of Authenticity

Progress and Preservation: Increased Unification and The Realist's Conception of Scientific Success


The Practice of Personhood: Understanding Individual Responsibility of


Foundations of Arithmetical Knowledge

Choosing To Be Harmed: Autonomy and its Limits in Living Organ Donor Transplantation


A Federation of Peoples: An Unorthodox Liberal Approach to Minority Nationalism

New Directions in Scientific Observation: Theories Concepts, Objectivity, and the Analogy of Discovery

A Conceptual Analysis of Ecosystem Health

Work Song Personal Autonomy and Authenticity From The Ground Up

Equal Protection: Sex Equality In Liberal Democracies


The Phenomenal Character of Visual Consciousness


The Liar Paradox, Self Understanding, and Nietzschean Perspectivalism


Continuity, Inquiry, and the Possibility of Wisdom in John Dewey's Pragmatism


On the Point of What We Say: Kant, Wittgenstein, and Cavell on When Words Are Called For

On Lengths of Lines and Reals

Motivating the Discursive Turn in Moral Theory


Language, Theory, and the Human Subject: Understanding Quine's Natural Epistemology

Tractarian Mysticism: Moral Transformation through Aesthetic Contemplation in Wittgenstein's Early Philosophy


On Testing for the Stage Collapse in Quantum Mechanics

The Variety of Reasons: Justification and Requirement in Rationality and Advisability

Local Time: Foundational Studies for a Theory of Temporality in a Relativistic Universe

A Wittgensteinian Study of Experimental Psychology


The Dialectical Theory of Progress: A Study of Jurgen Habermas' Theory of Social Evolution

St Thomas, Molina, and Leibniz on Divine Providence and Foreknowledge


The Best Test Theory of Extension

The Design Inference: Eliminating Chance Through Small Probabilities Inequality, Vulnerability, and Morality


Autonomy and Desire: An Essay in Moral and Philosophical Psychology

A Deflationary Response to the Ontological Problem: In Defense of the Coherence Theory of Justification

Justice and Health: The Cultural Politics of Medicine

Material Girls: A Game-Theoretic Revision of the Social Contract Enterprise with Women Present


Three Essays on Spinoza's Philosophy

Unity and Uniqueness in the Early Schlick


Measurement and Macroscopic Quantities

Thresholds for Rights