The Thalberg Memorial Lecture is an ongoinglecture series which memorializes Irving Thalberg Jr., a long-serving member of the philosophy department at UIC. The series was organized after his death in 1988, to celebrate his contributions to philosophy and the department, particularly in supporting diversity, and to advance work in areas to which he contributed. 


Here is a list of past speakers, including lecture titles:

Title of Speech
Date of Speech

Howard McGary, Rutgers University


May 12, 1988

Donald Davidson, University of California at Berkeley

The Myth of the Subjective

October 14,1988

Marcia Baron, University of Illinois at Urbana

Impartiality and Friendship

May 24,1990

Michael Stocker, Syracuse University

Emotions, Pleasure, and Value

May 10,1991

Brian Skyrms, UC Riverside

Inference by Convention and the Evolution of Meaning

November 21, 1997

Hilary Putnam, Harvard University

There is More to the Mind than Computation

March 27,1999

Diana Meyers, University of Connecticut

Decentralizing Autonomy: The five faces of selfhood

April 23, 1999

Richard Wollheim, UC Berkely

Emotions and Their Kinds

October 19 2000

Harry Frankfurt, Princeton University

Some Mysteries of Love

September 24, 2001

Tyler Burge, University of California

Perceptual Objectivity

September 27,2004

Richard Moran, Harvard University

Kant, Proust and the Appeal of Beauty


Bernard Boxill, UNC

DuBois and Douglass on Sympathy and Double Consciousness

October 16, 2006

Amelie Rorty, Harvard University

Questioning Moral Reasons

October 12, 2009

Nancy Cartwright, UC San Diego, and Durham

Moving on in Evidence-Based Policy: Experiments versus the Modelling of Society

March 11, 2013

Paul Taylor, Penn State

On Post-Racialism: The President as Racial Project

March 9, 2015