WIP: Hashem Morvarid, “Avicenna on Divine Simplicity”  Add To Calendar

  • Dates: 12 – 12 Oct, 2018
2-3:30 pm, Seminar room, 14th floor UH

There is at least a prima facie tension between traditional theism and realism about abstract objects (also called “platonism”). According to traditional theism, God does not depend on anything distinct from Himself (Divine Aseity), and everything distinct from God depends on Him (Divine Sovereignty). Abstract objects, however, seem to be necessary entities, and so independent of God; and God seems to depend on such abstract objects as the properties He instantiates. In this talk, I will first review different solutions that have been proposed by different philosophers of religion. I will then draw on certain ideas from Avicenna’s philosophy, particularly his Divine Simplicity thesis, to develop a new solution. In developing the Avicennian solution, I will respond to objections that Plantinga has mounted against Divine Simplicity thesis.