About Us

The Philosophy Department at UIC is among the best in the country; many of its members have strong national and international reputations.  The classes we offer are typically reasonably small, which allows students greater direct contact with teachers than is usual for a large university. The Department (comprising faculty, graduate students, and staff) at UIC has established a reputation for being personally diverse, approachable, and friendly. 

In additional to formal classes, students have opportunities of several kinds for informal interaction with each other and with faculty.  We offer a series of Open Houses and the Vicious Circle (presentation/discussions of live issues led by Department members) especially for undergrads. Departmental Colloquia and Reading Groups are normally attended by grad students and faculty. Grad students and faculty are also active members of several groups/programs (Regional Colloquia) for the study of specialized areas.

We think philosophical questions have an intrinsic intellectual fascination.  After all, philosophy originated as the search for understanding concerning the most basic features of reality, the natural world, and human life. The powers of clear thinking and sound argument, reflection, imagination, self-expression, and engagement with the ideas of others that philosophy cultivates are in themselves of fundamental value for human life.  Moreover, the study of philosophy turns out to pay off in a variety of apparently unrelated “real-world” contexts.  For more information, have a look here.